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A JV of RITES Ltd and Indian Railways

Working at REMC Ltd:

REMC Ltd is an organization which deals with the innovative solutions for managing the power portfolio of IR by implementing energy management and efficient technologies. People at REMC ltd are well versed with skills and expertise in various technical fields. They believe in hard working as well as smart working. Timely completion of the assignments and projects are their trademark. They are ready to shoulder higher responsibilities with full dedication and commitment. Regular training and capacity building programmers in various technical fields makes them competitive and technically sound among the peers.

REMC Ltd believes in “united we stand and divide we fall”, with this annotation company is continuously working in teams to cater the best results to their clients. The best practices of the company strengthen the core expertise of employees and provide them healthy working environment.

S.no Name (Sh.) Designation E-Mail Address
1 Sh. Ajay Kr. Singhal Chief Executive Officer aks.remcl@rites.com
Power Procurement & Planning  
1 Sh. Sanjay Singh General Manager  sanjaysingh.76@rites.com
2 Sh. Manish Tiwari Additional General Manager  manishtiwari@rites.com
3 Sh. Deepak Kumar Manager anuraggaur@rites.com
   4  Sh. Ashok Gupta Manager -
5 Sh. Anurag Gaur Assistant Manager deepak.chopra@rites.com
6 Sh. Anees Ahmad Assistant Manager anees.malik@rites.com
7 Sh. Manivishnu Assistant Manager manivishnu.m@rites.com
8 Sh. Vikash Kumar Assistant Manager remcl.vikash@rites.com
9 Sh. Arnab Roy Engineer arnabroy.nov@gmail.com
10 Sh. Nadeem Akhtar Engineer syed.nadeem@rites.com
   11 Ms. Aditi Srivastava    Engineer 11aditisrivastava@gmail.com
Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar) 
1 Sh. Rupesh Kumar General Manager (Solar) rupeshkumar@rites.com
2 Sh. Abhishek Joint General Manager  abhishek@rites.com
Sh. Rajesh Kumar Chaurasia Deputy General Manager  rkchaurasia@rites.com
Mrs. Parul Mishra Manager parulmishra@rites.com
Sh.Prashant Singh Assistant Manager prashant@rites.com
Sh. Vineet Prakash Assistant Manager vpshrivastava@rites.com
Sh. Kaushik  Engineer kaushik4rai@gmail.com 

Sh. Abhishek Jha

Finance Department
1 Sh. Anjeev Kumar Jain Chief Finance Officer anjeev.jain@rites.com
2 Sh. Manish Tiwari Joint General Manager -
3 Sh. Abhishek Sharma Manager caabhishek.sharma@rites.com
4 Ms. Aaikanshi Agarwal Manager aaikanshi@gmail.com
6 Ms. Kajal  Jr. Assistant  -


Company Secretary

1 Sh. Ranjan Kr. Tiwary Company Secretary ranjantiwary@ rites.com